Angiostrongylus Vasorum – Online Vet Nurse CPD

Lungworm is becoming more of a problem in veterinary medicine and this 25 minute online vet nurse CPD discusses the how dogs become infected, what the clinical signs may be, and how it may be prevented.



Endoparasitic Worms of Horses – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This 30 minute online vet nurse CPD discusses worms found in the intestines and lungs of horses. It concentrates on the thorny issues of anthelmintic resistance and control, and also aims to summarise advice for the client on these issues.



Intestinal Parasites of Cats and Dogs – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This 45 minute online vet nurse CPD discusses the different types of worms found in the intestines of cats and dogs, concentrating particularly on hookworms and Toxocara. Both these parasites are zoonoses and so the webcast aims for nurses to have a … Continue reading

Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases of Companion Animals – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This 30 minute online vet nurse CPD describes ticks found on cats and dogs in the UK. The focus is on Ixodes ticks and Lyme disease and aims to help nurses give advice to clients with confidence on the treatment and … Continue reading

Flea Treatment and Control in Companion Animals – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This 20 minute online vet nurse CPD briefly summarises the drugs and methods available to combat the age old enemy of fleas, both on companion animals and in the home. The aim is to help clarify what useful treatments and preventative … Continue reading

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