Paediatric Anaesthesia with Notes – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This webcast includes printable course notes.

Paediatric patients, especially those in the neonatal stage, present a unique challenge to the anaesthetist. Organ systems are continually maturing throughout the first several months of life and can be impacted by a variety of factors. Understanding some of the physiological differences between the paediatric and adult patient allows the anaesthetist to tailor anaesthetic protocols to the individual paediatric patient. This 60 minute online vet nurse CPD will look at these physiological differences, how we can select anaesthetic agents which are appropriate considering these differences, what to plan for in order to prevent anaesthetic emergencies, as well as how to monitor these often challenging patients.



Paediatric Anaesthesia with Notes
Paediatric Anaesthesia with Notes
Louise O'Dwyer MBA BSc(Hons) VTS(ECC) VTS (Anaes) DipAVN (Medical & Surgical) RVN


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