Understanding Feline House Soiling with Notes – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This webcast includes printable course notes.

This 105 minute online vet nurse CPD presentation helps us understand all aspects of feline house soiling.  The increased popularity of cats goes hand in hand with an increase in the number of clients seeking help with their pets’ behaviour, and house soiling is one of the most commonly presented difficulties with which owners struggle. Greater understanding leads to increased confidence when offering good quality first aid advice and/or approaching such cases in the general practice.

  • The behavioural issues underlying house soiling
  • Gathering evidence and diagnosis
  • Distinguishing between inappropriate elimination and marking behaviours
  • First aid advice
  • Potential treatment options



Understanding Feline House Soiling with Notes
Understanding Feline House Soiling with Notes
Francesca Riccomini BSc(Hons) BVetMed CCAB MRCVS DipAS(CABC), Riccomini Behaviour Referrals, London




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