Care of the Ventilator Patient with Notes – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This webcast includes printable course notes.

This 45 minute online vet nurse CPD course discusses mechanical ventilators, which are an integral part of an intensive care unit. There are a variety of patients that may benefit from mechanical ventilation such as those with hypoxemia (Pa02 <60mmHg) in spite of oxygen therapy, hypercapnic patients (PaC02>60mmHg) or those at risk of impending respiratory failure. Mechanical ventilation requires a dedicated nurse to care for the patient. This tutorial will provide an overview of how to care for a patient on a ventilator, including:

·         Indications to ventilate
·         Types of mechanical ventilator
·         Troubleshooting
·         Nursing considerations
·         Record keeping
·         Weaning from the ventilator
·         Common complications

Care of the Ventilator Patient with Notes
Care of the Ventilator Patient with Notes
Eleanor Haskey BSc(Hons) RVN VPAC VTS(ECC)



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