Nursing Patients with Tumours with Course Notes – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This webcast includes printable course notes.

In this 45 minute online vet nurse CPD tutorial, we will be looking at the different types of cancer that may affect dogs, along with the possible clinical signs, the treatment options available, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and other management options that are available for owners.

Cancer is unfortunately a common disease, particularly in dogs, with 1 in 4 dogs dying or being put to sleep because of cancer according to the Morris Animal Foundation. In dogs that are aged over 10, approximately 50% of deaths are cancer-related. Like humans, there are many types of cancers and many clinical signs may be seen.

Nursing Patients with Tumours with Notes
Nursing Patients with Tumours with Notes
Tania Yelland VN Cert Ed, Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing, Bicton College



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