ECG Interpretation – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This 30 minute online CPD course teaches you how to record the ‘perfect’ ECG and why this is important. It also explains the conduction system of the heart, and show examples of the more common arrhythmias that may be seen in veterinary practice. It also discusses why some arrhythmias are life threatening, and suggests treatment that may be necessary. The tutorial finishes with case examples.

ECG Interpretation
ECG Interpretation
Charlotte Pace BA (Hons) RVN VTS (Cardiology), Cardiology Nurse, College of Animal Welfare


‘Really Good’

“I’ve just done the above session and really enjoyed it.  It has made ECG’s much clearer to me and I won’t have such a blank expression when looking at them with the vet in the future!!  I would definitely recommend this CPD – job well done!”


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