The Role of the Head Nurse – Online Vet Nurse CPD

This 20 minute online CPD course gives veterinary nurses an insight into the role of the head nurse.

This role is varied, and your day may begin with anything from the locum vet being lost on their way to work, dripping a fractious cat, to fitting a new set of rollers in the developer!  The role comes with great responsibility and isn’t a position to under take lightly.  Head Nurses need to be prepared to do what ever it takes to get the job done, they must be excellent communicators and be able to delegate effectively to their team.  The job can be both personally and financially rewarding.

A good Head Nurse must be able to balance the needs of the boss, the staff, the clients, the pets and often the practice suppliers.  This 20 minute CPD tutorial will aim to look at the key skill sets required to becoming a good, effective and efficient Head Nurse. We will discuss what makes a good Head Nurse great, as after all we have all worked alongside them at some point in our own careers and have formed our own views on Head Nurses.

Finally we will discuss the current challenges for Head Nurses in the current economic downturn.  How to stay ahead of the practice team, as Head Nurses are expected to be the font of all knowledge within the practice.  Where is the line in the sand between being an effective team leader and a bully? And finally a brief look at some of the possible career steps beyond Head Nurse…….

The Role of the Head Nurse
The Role of the Head Nurse
Tracy Mayne VHA CVPM CertSA Nutrition RVN MBVNA Vets4Pets, Redditch


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